Jay Jays is an Australian apparel chain store that was founded in 1993,[1] and is owned and operated by the Just Group. The chain has over 200 stores located in Australia and New Zealand.
Jay Jays focuses on clothing for the younger demographic group.

The brand is loved by such celebrities as Mischa Barton & Robert Downey Jr.

36Pixcell’s story

The number 36 has particular significance in the world of photography. For those of you who remember the pre-digital age, you’ll recall that the full-length roll of 135 mm film offered 36 exposures. For digital photographers, high quality, high-resolution cameras provide 36 megapixel precision. When photographer Meir Shavit developed the 36PIXCELL clothing line, he was keenly aware that his brand should be synonymous with the superior quality one might expect of a 36 megapixel digital camera. Meir’s inspirations are various and include art, architecture, technology and fashion; although inspiration can often come at unanticipated moments. This makes the moment of inspiration all the more special, because it can’t be coerced, predicted or quantified. Inspiration may have little value as a source of scientific study, but it’s still responsible for every enduring concept, image and narrative in the human experience. Nothing great ever happens without the moment of inspiration that comes without warning.

For Meir, it’s important to be in that right moment, to more effectively make use of that inspiration and to know how best to convey it. That moment makes everything possible, including every photograph and design. In conveying a concept, Meir, like any artist, plays with form and color. Considering that color can be isolated to a single pixel, it’s no wonder that Meir pays careful attention to the smallest details of expression. In fact, he arranges his pieces in terms of pixels and components, which is how the larger meaning takes shape. Creating an artistic structure might involve construction from the smallest pieces, but reshaping an existing object taken of the everyday involves dismantling and rebuilding. Eventually, a familiar object morphs into something different yet familiar. Ideally, the metamorphosis should prompt us to rethink our view of the original object, enhancing our perspective until the artist’s inspiration might even become our own.

View his photographs and peruse his clothing line, and see how his perspective might align with yours. You might even be able to imagine the very moment of inspiration that made his art possible.

Brandzaar Comments:

36 Pixcell is a rising brand from the states, that’s been worn by countless celebrities. This brand represents a great opportunity to get in early and bring it to your country.

If you want to bring 36 Pixcell to your country, please contact us at Brandzaar.

Industry: Fashion
Key people: Meir Shavit (Founder)
Products: Clothing, accessories
Website: http://36pixcell.com/

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